WTB: 8 spline cranks less than 160mm

Hi, I bought an old DM Engineering 26er recently but the 170mm cranks on it are too long for my liking. If anyone has some shorter 8 spline cranks they don’t need I’d be interested.

Another option is to cut them short and redrill the pedal holes. I believe there is someone out there who can provide this kind of service.

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I had the same problem with some profile cranks. They were 170mm and shorter ones can not be found. I cut them off and welded back together at 125mm. More details here.


I had remembered seeing that picture and have been considering doing the same. Thanks for the other pictures of the process. I probably should do this since it would be the cheapest and I don’t really want 170s for anything.

I know there are some 8-spines made as short as 125mm. I might search bmx groups too, to see if anyone has anything.

@jaco_flans is your man for putting extra holes in your cranks.

If they are tubular steel as most seem to be, adding extra holes may be a problem. If they were high strength aluminum, this should give some ideas.

My local mechanician charges $40 for drilling a pair of holes, so I decided I’d better get a new pair of cranks.

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