[WTB] 36" under $300 US

I’m looking for a 36" to do a bit of distance as I live close to the Blue Ridge Parkway I think it will be nice to get out and ride on it. Also would like to be able to take it on some old rail road grade trails. If anyone in the US has one and is interested in selling one let me know. Thanks.

Heres a new one for a bit more than $300
Just wanted to tell you if you maybe didnt know :smiley:

buy it from here instead.

it’s the same price, but you get free shipping, which will save you a bit of cash.

Thanks for the input. the UDC one has the choice of the beaded tread which makes more sense for where I want to ride. I was kinda hoping to find a used one now that so many new ones are coming out.

Wait till the new cokers finally ship and people start recieving them, then a lot of used cokers will shop up on the trading post.

You’re the only person I know of in North Carolina that will own a coker.

I live near the parkway what can I say. Don’t worry I prefer muni tho.

hopefully some of the people that are going to be receiving the new cokers here in the next shipment will think of this when they are wondering what to do with their older ones.