WTB 29 x 2.3 ExiWolf

The WTB 29 x 2.3 ExiWolf is turning out to be a great tire. It has evenly spaced and sized knobs with little squirm in hard turns. Rolling resistance and noise are less then the Claw XTr.

It is about as big a tire that will fit in my KH 29. There is about 3/16"clearance between the top of the tread and frame. Plenty of side clearance.

I can second that. I’ve been riding one on trail since before Moab and it’s been great; good traction even on mud, and with the wide KH rim, no folding over when I hop sideways (I’m 210 lbs). I put it on “backwards” as one of my MTB friends said, because I wanted the extra traction on mud, and who cares about rolling resistance when you’re only going 5 mph?