WTB; 25.4 seatpost clamp

I’m looking for a 25.4 seatpost clamp for a Torker DX. I’m not interested in quick release ones. Double bolt preferred. Color or scratches don’t matter, just as long as it’s in good working order.

I just checked out UDC and they wanted $6.00 for the new Nimbus colored clamps, which I thought was awesome. Until I saw that shipping to my area(rural Illinois) was $12.22!! More than double the price of the clamp itself! I’m not generally a cheap person but, $18.22 is way too much to spend on a seatpost clamp.

I checked several LBSs and none of them had any on hand, except for quick release ones.

Looking to spend around $10 shipped, unless you’re in the Quad City area of Illinois/Iowa, then I’ll just come and get it.


did you check bike shops that deal with a lot of BMXs? 25.4 is a pretty standard size for BMX seatposts. In a bike shop they would probably be labeled as 28.6mm as they go by the inner diameter of the clamp not the diameter of the seat post.

bring your uni in to try on the clamp before buying.

I’m selling one in this thread.

UDC usps…

If you want one of the cool colors call UDC and they can give you a quote for usps shipping that will be much cheaper.