[For Sale] Unicycle Garage Sale

Here it is, as promised. Bear with me, some of this stuff is a little… eccentric. Except no eccentric unis :wink: . Anyways, let’s get to it. I’m not going to give all the specs for new stuff, that’s what google is for.

All prices are before S+H. I will take offers, but I think my prices are pretty fair. It makes my life way easier if you buy a couple things, so like items are grouped appropriately. Buyers will be considered in PM order, save this thread for questions only please.

Right-Handed Deathgrip - $50 - This handle pretty much speaks for itself, a Wallis Design Carbon Fiber handle, new with just a scratch or two.

Torker LX frame, modded - $20 - This is a Torker LX frame widened to accept a trials tire. It also has a Miyata seatpost welded on, eliminating the seat clamp. It is set up fairly short, equivalant to 3-4" showing above the clamp. If you’re a short rider or like short setups like I do this frame practically eliminates knee-bash and shaves off a little bit of weight. The rattle-can pink is wearing quite a bit, but it would be easy to sand and refinish.

Custom Aluminum Frame - $15 - This frame is significantly lighter than an equivalent steel one, sacrificing only a bit of strength. Again, the seat height is fixed, as there is no seatpost, and it takes a miyata seat. Plus, I think it looks pretty sweet. Unfortunately the nice main caps ar e missing, standard ones should work. Meanwhile I’ll keep looking for them. PM me if you’re interested and we’ll figure something out.

Torker LX seat kit - $20 - The major thing here is the seat stiffener, critical to the stock LX base for just about anyone. I’m also throwing in a used rear bumper, the seat base itelf, and the handle pictured, which I can’t for the life of me remember the name. The seat base is missing the handle and seat post hardware, maybe a buck or two at the hardware store. The handle is broken at the middle mounting hole, but with a handle stiffener it is useable. If you want, I’ll throw in two used seat covers, a black and a custom white one, not pictured.

To be continued…


Custom powdercoated 12" frame + etc. - $20 - Maybe your little one needs a pimp frame. Maybe you want to fix the two broken spokes on the wheel I’m including, or you want the little child’s seat. Anyway you cut it, this is a sweet frame, and the complete uni is a lot of fun even for big guys. Like, 3x crankflip, 720 unispin fun… which is why it has broken spokes. Sorry, I don’t have the cranks or pedals.

Custom Torker TX, no seat - $50 - This is a Torker TX with the frame and chain shortened for a 4’ giraffe or so. It may not be as impressive to the bystanders, but it is much easier to mount and spin for unispins. Any giraffe rider knows that practicing a hard trick can get tiring just from all the mounting, and this uni was my solution to that.

Odyssey Seat clamp - $5 - Good quality single seat clamp, brushed aluminum.

New Custom Profile Bottom Bracket and Cranks - $120 - This is a steal, listed price is over $200. Custom powdercoated Profile 165mm white cranks, a combination not commercially available. Also includes a standard BMX screw-in bottom bracket and a 24T gold chainring. This was originally intended to be a bombproof giraffe, with the following two items. If you want you can pick up the project yourself, it just needs a frame, tire, and seat.

New Echo Gold Fixed Hub and Gold Rim - $100 - This is a fixed hub and 19" trials rim, perfect for a trials giraffe or for your trials bike. The are both 32 spokes, and the hub is 16T. The color is not exactly a match, the rim is more orange, but still OK. I also have 32 (+1 or 2) spokes custom cut the right length and powdercoated white (and nipples), but had trouble fitting them through the holes on the hub because of the powdercoat. You can have those as well if you can find a way to get them in.

One more…

Bling Gold Chain - $5 - You read that right. A gold chain for a single speed (read pimp-a$$-giraffe).

Ok, that’s it

On the 12 inch uni, what type of cranks would be needed? Are you including the spokes to fix the wheel?

I don’t have the spokes, but you can get them custom cut at your LBS for about $1 apiece. i think you need 80mm cranks or shorter, but I’m not sure.

Is the 12" a coterless crank?


how long is the fixed post for the aluminum frame?

and any guess on its weight?

The uni is 8" or so from the crown, and it’s 60% of the weight of the pink LX as pictured.

how tall are you? that may paint a better picture for me…

because i would really like this frame but i am also a tall dude

If i cut the top of off the lx frame could i put in seat post in there. Also what size are the bearings

I’m 5’8" but I fancied myself a new Lundgren. For a while I rode with the seatpost all the way down, but after a while I decided to bring it up to where it is in the picture. It basically depends on your riding style

I’m pretty sure you could do it, the seat tube would be a little short and you would have to pull out the piece of seat post inside, but it should be OK. I’m pretty sure the bearings are 40mm, whatever standard is.

Its a kineport handle I believe.

How much for just the seat stiffener, kinport handle (front), and the white custom cover (could you post pics)? and what would shipping be to zip code 27513?

i will have to measure my uni and check back… i tend to ride tall… that post just looks taller then 8" in the pic … i really want it though

If he buys that stuff I would like the back bumper.

I’ll sell you that for like $10 and I’m pretty sure it would be in a flat rate for $8-9.

Ok, here’s the seat cover(s). The black ones are stock LX, although one is more duct tape than seat, and the white was sewn by my friend. I’ll throw the duct tape one in anyone’s order who wants it.

If Conrad doesn’t take the white cover, I’ll take that too.

Does the deathgrip fit the KH seat pattern?