WTB 24" Muni Frame With Brake Mounts

I am located in AUS.
I am looking for a frame with brake mounts for a 24" muni wheelset.
I am not to keen on spending $250 on a KH one.

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Or does anyone know how to mount brakes on to a uni frame that has no mounts? this is the frame: <a href="http://www.unicycles.com.au/Default.aspx?tabid=169&mid=941&ctl=CatalogItemDetails&CatalogItemID=51&SubCategoryID=5&pagenumber=0">here</a> I can weld, well not i but a good friend.

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You can buy a magura braze on kit, if you’re mate can braze then it’s pretty easy to get these hooked up, and probably cheaper than you’re going to find a frame for.

Thanks Kington, i have looked in to it. i would still be interested if someone had say maybe a 2005 model KH frame or something for sale?

I have a frame here http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=56386

You could get a Koxx frame from UDC Deutschland as long as you only have a small tire (24x2.6")
You will need to get a shim for the seat stem too


maybe ask renegadejuggling if you can get a koxx frame or maybe division8.ca

and maybe a 26" frame would fit a bigger tyre. could ask mdc for specifics.