WTB: 19/20" trials uni

Since I just got my new 26" nimbus muni in the mail, I need a strong 20" to complete the collection. Mostly interested in nimbus (or if the price is right, a KH). Going to want something Isis, (preferably moment cranks), and hoping to spend less than a new nimbus (again, unless it’s something nicer, then I can understand price reflecting that).
Send me a PM or just respond here and let me know what you got! :smiley:

There’s most of a KH trials for sale here

Saw that one. Only downside is I don’t have the extra parts laying around so I would have to spend a good $100 more on parts to finish it. Unfortunately.

Might also be interested in something koxx one or qu-ax. Something strong, trials, decent shape, and a decent enough price to beat buying a new nimbus trials.

Here’s one I saw on the Denver Craigslist a couple of days ago. I don’ know if the seller will ship, but it seems like what you’re looking for.