wrist suport

I been thinking about getting some wrist support but is it a good idea? and if I do should I only put it on one wrist?

Check out my review on the Troy Lee Wrist Supports, I have the single velcro style with the nylon stays, it’s been very durable, and it really supports my wrists without being hot or heavy. I wear a fingerless bike glove under the support when it’s hot, a long finger bike glove when it’s cold. If you want to wear a glove over the support, then buy them smaller.

They are not armor like a Hill Billy glove, so don’t expect the to provide a lot of impact protection, but they do support the wrist and provide some sprain resistance on falls. If you need fall protection, get the Hill Billy short finger gloves.

They are not cheap, sold by the piece, so specifiy whether you need right or left, also work for snowboarding, biking, skiing, etc…

I have the 661 wrist wrap(the one with the thumb hole, not the one that is wrist only). It has plastic inserts on both the back of the hand and the front and is longer/more supportive than the Pro one is.
Mine aren’t as beefy as like a K2 skate wrist guard is(I think those had metal rods even on both sides!) but those just hurt me to try them on. The 661s still allowed me to move my wrist but offer support in a crash too(and I have biffed it pretty good and my wrist/palm was fine). They go about 3/4 of the way up my hand, so extra protection.
The hillbilly ones look good though!

Love the Hillbillies!

I’m on year 3 with my Hillbilly full-finger gloves and will be getting a new pair soon. They are near indestructible, have served me well and it shows. Well worth the $40 I paid for them!

Your wrists are very important and it’s not worth risking an injury by riding without something.

I’ve been using Harbringer wrist wraps. I do mostly trials so I need to be able to have decent movement in my wrists and these allow me to have that while still adding some support against sprains. These WILL NOT prevent your wrist from breaking on big falls though.

These will.:slight_smile: Of course, if the fall is big enough, these might break the Radius and/or Ulna further up in your forearm. I would not suggest them for MUni if you are the type to use a brake or hold on to the grab handle a lot. When I ride 29er MUni, I wear a DocMeter on my balancing arm and a fingerless Hillbilly on my braking hand. With skid plates installed, both have tons of shock absorption in the palm but the DocMeter has way more in the back. Skid plates interfere with holding the longer handle on my geared 36er (when I really need them) so I wear full fingered (2011 blue) KH Pulse gloves on both hands. I’m eyeballing a pair of Kris’ new half finger gloves for next summer. Somehow I feel like I’m going down instead of up in protection. :astonished: I hope I don’t regret that.:stuck_out_tongue:

I wear these (on both hands) under working gloves.
I have no problem to hold the handle and to use the brake.
Initially I planed to remove skid plates on right hand but as I wasn’t hindered to use the brake I kept it on. They save me at each ride !

Ben, did you consider the Troy Lee 5205? Looks a little more substantial, but still without grip interference. $35 each ($70/pair) https://www.troyleedesigns.com/products/5270-01