Wrist guards

A few years ago, I chipped a bone in my wrist in a low speed Coker UPD. When I’d recovered, I bought a pair of Salomon wrist guards. They were designed for snowboarding, but worked well for unicycling. I liked the broad plastic palm guards which allowed me to place my hands in such a way that they would slide and absorb the impact of the fall.

They were a touch small, but the biggest size I could find.

The only disadvantages were a very slight discomfort when holding the handle of the saddle, and the fact that friction with the scratched plastic palm piece tended to raise bobbles on the lower front of my cycling shirt.

After a few years, they got really stinky and started to fall apart. I reverted to wearing gloves, which were more comfortable, but offered less protection.

A week or two ago I had a nasty and unexpected backwards UPD, put my hands out and folded my right hand back too far. I’m still struggling a bit with every day tasks like riding a motorcycle or playing a concertina.

I searched the internet and found a new pair, which arrived today. These are made by Xcess Accessories, and were delivered promptly by Skate Asylum. Just over £10 including postage.

First ride this evening, showed that they were well fitting and comfortable, except that they extend further down the palm, making it just a bit difficult to get a good grip on the handle for pulling up. However, the more they protect, the less comfortable they will be.

I can recommend the service from Skate Asylum, and the wrist guards are pretty good.

First two photos are the old Salomon guards. Second two photos are the new Xcess ones.

My wrist guards are also starting to die. I wash them at least once/week since they get very stinky. I just bought some over the glove wrist guards so that I can wash the gloves when needed. I think they will be good for both cold and warm weather. I never ride without some form of wrist protection.

I’ve got Harbringer wrist guards. They are lovey and comfortable. When I heard they weren’t going to make any more I bought another pair and they are still in the packet.

(one of my guilty secrets is that I enjoy the smell of stinky wristguards on my hands :o, for me it’s the smell of unicycling)

Those are nice! Thank you.

had the same experience last year and had a nasty break in my right wrist.
now a recommendation: do not use wrist guards with a plate on top of your hand (that is on the other side of the palm). two years ago my wife falled (not very nastily) with such a wrist guard and the result was that instead of hurting her wrist the plate broke her arm! :astonished:
for Cokering I have two different wrist guards with a bulge in the palm (one is from roller hockey -HUGE bulge-, the other is a salomon brand thing for roller practice) though it is difficult to grab the handle I got used to the bigger one and, up to now, I survived nasty crashes …

since i’m riding with a handlebar (turtle’s V) i’m looking for a wrist guard which still allows to hold on the handle pretty good, any recommodations?

That plastic bit sure does cover the palm. My Hillbilly full glove’s don’t go quite that far up and have a removable back strip. I do love them and would recommend them in a heartbeat.

BTW, this very useful post should get copied / moved to the reviews section!


The Xcess wrist guards are totally unsuitable for MUni.

I had to take them off half way through today’s ride.

They interfere with the position of your palm so much that you end up holding the handle differently, and everything is then out of place. I found myself steadying my hand with my thumb against the inside edge of the handle, and after an hour, it was starting to blister with the friction.

Also, I could find no position in which I could rest any weight on the handle for the long slogs on flat stuff when I was worn out and on my way back to the car.

They are designed for skate/skateboard use and are no doubt good for that, but they are not suitable for MUni.

I’ve taken a hacksaw & a file to the plastic splint on a pair of wristguards before. Is there any way you can do this with the big endy bit on yours? Maybe even remove all the plastic endy bit where the front strap goes in? Or a pair of snips might do it if you happen to have them?

It is a pity they don’t make those harbinger ones any more, they always look great.


From what my doctor has said, that’s actually the desired outcome with a fully-rigid brace. If a fracture is inevitable, a fracture of the forearm is far less difficult to heal than a wrist, with its many small bones and complex functioning.

That said, I’m also in the process of replacing my Pro-Design wrist guards (highly recommended) with something different. I have a set of S-One Damage Control guards at home, and am expecting a different set in the mail soon, and will assess if either is likely to be better than getting another set of Pro-Designs. The S-Ones have a pliable top-of-the-wrist bracing material, so seem a little less likely to break the forearm in a really nasty impact. The ones on order look like the same design as the S-One, but at less than half the price ($28 for two, as opposed to $32 each for the S-One). When I have some on-the-trail input, I’ll post again.

Oh, and the only thing about the Pro-Design that’s making me look elsewhere is they’re really pretty bulky, but bomber. I like that they allow me to wear MTB gloves underneath them.