wrap arounds

i tried search it didnt help

so can anyone help on wrap around im too scared to try unispins
so im working on wraparounds and i cant get my foot around
also do i have to wrap my leg around twice or once?

put your foot on the crank, not the pedal. first learn wrap around mounts. Just step on the crank, wrap your foot around and mount.


omg thank you that helped so much

So I can do a wrap around mount 89% of the time, and want to learn regular wrap-arounds. The way I do wrap around mounts is with my right foot on(my back foot while hopping) and then wrap my leg around the seat counter-clockwise. However, I noticed in a video Spencer posted of rolling wraps(my long-term goal) he did the wrap with his back leg.

Is this how I should do my wrap arounds, and should i relearn the mount?

Yes and no.

You have a preferred way of learning things, and if you can do them that way, then you dont really need to change how you do them. But, you should learn it with both feet just to have the variation and skill of using the other leg.