I was just out riding in the last little bits of daylight (8:24 here) and i went the fartest i have ever gone (I’m pretty new to unicycking) and wooooowee it was invigorating, it’s the first time i’ve ever ridded for any distance and even though i got scraped up a lil on the way I am just sooooooo excited

and i went the fartest i have ever gone

Was it beans for supper?


Now really, fantastic work. How long have you been riding? What distance are you talking about? It’s fun hearing the joy and enthusiasm that you have for your accomplishment! Way to go.

uh. . . lets see, i got it on August 19th and have ridded most days, not friday or sat or about 3 other days, and i’d say what i went had to have been more then 300 feet, and it is especially hard because i start out with a turn

good goin’!

Keep it up. I remember my first turn at the End of the drive way. It was several crashes before I ever made it.

Wow , that was years ago, 1973!


I can’t wait till tommorrow when i will attempt todays accomplishments but, I live at the end of a coldasack, so i’m going to try and go around the coldasack and double my distance because I had to stop at my driveway, turns are hard!

is turning easier when you just tur your body instead of leaning?