Wow what happened?

That was the longest forum outtage in a while! Almost 2 hours! Must’ve affected everybody 'cause there haven’t been any postings for almost that long. :thinking:

luckily I just got home!:slight_smile:

where’d you get home from?
I just got done unicycling, because noones on just means we are all unicycling at the same time… :astonished:
and the server said was to busy inbetween my times of unicycling…

church. the reason no one was posting is because the server was to busy, which is what Terry was reffering to.

My sunday night bible meeting dont start agian for another week :(, though I have it on wednesdays too:D

Woot my 3,000 post!:stuck_out_tongue:

and you posted this because…

If I ever see another person knocking teenagers for making stupid, pointless and irrelevant threads I’ll refer them to this one.