Would this tyre fit on this rim

Would a MAXISS 20 x 1.95 fit on a ALEX DX 23 rim? Please get back soon.

depends, find a picture of your tyre on the internet and link it here or give its name and someone will be able to tell you. And did you mean DX 32?

Absolutely not!

The alex dx 32 rim is a 19" trials rim–
a 20" freestyle tire would have far too much clearance.

You are referring to the hookworm, yes?

No, I was reffering to the Mira. Yes I mean the Alex DX 32.

Yeah, a 20" BMX tire will NOT fit on a 20" trials rim (officially called a 19" rim, or mod trials rear rim).

But you didn’t say what your uni is. Is it a Torker DX Trials (sometimes called a 20" DX)?

The best known trials tires are Maxxis Creepy Crawler, Luna, Monty Eagle Claw, and a try-all tire.

I got a creapy crawler on my Kh20 after it wears out would i get another or maybe one of those others?

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Most don’t like the Luna, but some do.

It seems to me hardly anyone dislikes the Try-All.

Check out Sponge’s review.

I have a old (blue) Nimbus Hoppley. I currently have the Creepy Crawler on it.

then you definitely want a 19" trials tire,

depending on what you want there’s the luna, creepy crawler, try all, eagle claw, some others out there but these are the main ones that you will want

the luna lasts longer but has less grip

creepy crawler is very soft, good grip but wears fast on pavement.

and…I’m not familiar with the other ones–use the search option for more info

If you want to use a bmx/freestyle tire you will have to get another uni or maybe just a wheelset to fit your frame

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Dunno if it’ll help you much though!

you add the echo tyre and you have all the tyres that will fit on a 19" trials rim like a DX32…
(bar the white try-all tyre and the now discontinued supa trials tyre from monty)

Onza sticky fingers.

Identical tread pattern, but Onza has a softer inner tread.

Guys please know what you are talking about before you say stuff in such absolutes.

the DX32 is available in 20" but is not as common as the 19" version. It is sometimes used for BMX.

If your rim has 381X32mm on the sticker it is a 19" trials rim, if it has 406X32mm on the sticker it is a 20" BMX rim.

I also have a DX32 on my old 24" and 26" wheels.

But since we established he has a hoppley with a trials tyre on it we know he has a trials rim.

The all around best is usually said to be the try-all but a lot of people like other tires for other types of riding. I wouldn’t really get another CC, but you should look at reviews on the forum for which one you’d like.