Would a different tire help?

I’m pretty new to this and I’m having a hard time making smooth turns. I have a 24 inch generic uni with a 1.75 Cheng Shin tire on it. The rim itself is about 1.25 inches.

I need about 20 feet to make a 180 degree turn, and it’s not pretty! Would a wider tire or a tire with a different profile help? Or would I just be wasting my money? Thanks.

First, welcome to the forums.

The tire you have is just fine for regular riding and would be amongst one of the easiest tires to learn to turn with.

Just keep practising and the turns will tighten up as your skills improve.

The tire you have is not a high quality tire and does tend to wear rather rapidly. Keep it fairly hard and rotate it often for maximum life expectancy.

When it’s time for a replacement you might want to go with something a bit wider but frame and rim width will probably restrict you somewhat.

Thanks. I will keep working on it. I hope to be a level 2 in a few months.