World's Tallest Unicycle Record Attempt in January 2004!

You can see pictures of some previous World’s Tallest Unicycle Records
and information about this next attempt at:

Click on World’s Tallest Unicycle Record link.

I’m really happy to see that Sem is attempting a new record!

Many unicyclists, including myself, have expressed serious doubts about
the current 101 foot record.

I have no doubt that Sem will show the world who the greatest unicyclist
in the world is.

Please let everyone know what you think about this spectacular and
incredible attempt.

Good luck Sem!


Ken Fuchs <>

I thought that the Guiness record people had stopped accepting record attempts for the tallest unicycle because:

The freestyle riding of ever taller unicycles (i.e., without any safety harness) must inevitably lead to serious injury or fatality.

Perhaps this only applies for non-harnessed rides?


That is just nuts! I wouldn’t feel comfortable at that height on a fixed tower of similiar design. And I used to jump out of airplanes
Sem Good Luck! Can’t wait to see you do it! And I am sure you will.

Wow! Go Sem!
The web site shows the building of the unicycle and some of the design. Neat stuff. I wonder how much flex there will be in the frame as he is riding it?

Wow! Fantastic website with so many construction photos and real information. Loved seeing the old videos again of Sem’s previous records too.


Sem and Teresa

Let us know when the ride will be…

There is a group from Toronto who will be
there to cheer you on !!!

Way to go ! All the best ! Can’t wait !


P.S. Should I check the Skydome ceiling height
here in Toronto ?!

You could lean the 117’ unicycle against the
CN Tower to mount it !!!


I sensed some bitterness whenever it is mentioned that the record was given to a uni supported by a taut wire. I would like to see Sem get the record, if for nothing else than to end the controversy.

It is well worth watching the Steve McPeak video to get an idea of just how amazingly tall sem’s unicycle will be.

Good luck to them.


no way!
i want to see a freemount!
we’ll wait…

apart from being the guy with the disputed record, who IS steve mcpeaks?

has anybody figured out a way to take out at least some of the stretch in a chain that long (either that or some other type of drive system). Looking at these videos, the pedaling is going a lot faster than the wheel, I’m assuming that’s just stretch in the chain drive at that height.

There is a short little story about Steve McPeak on the web site: Unicycling with Steve McPeak

There are also some pictures of Steve McPeak riding a zig-zag giraffe on a high wire in Jack Wiley’s book “The Unicycle Book”. There are also several other pictures of Steve in “The Unicycle Book”. I don’t have “The Unicycle Book” so I can’t check on the pictures. I’m pretty sure they were pictures of Steve McPeak, but they could have been Peter Rosendahl. My memory is getting bad in my old age.

given the fact that sem is about to make the whole ‘controversy’ very academic, i’m curious to know if mcpeaks himself ever responded to the ‘allegations’?
did the guiness people ever acknowledge the fact that there was a dispute?
will mcpeaks be invited to sem’s record attempt?
(i know in a lot of sports it’s quite normal for the holder of a longstanding record to be invited to the game where his record is likely to be broken, hence the question)

Check out the new test riding pictures of the tallest unicycle in the
world! Notice anything about the world’s tallest giraffe that other
giraffe’s don’t have? Fantastic unicycle and the rider … WOW.

The pictures are amazing! Go to right
now and check them out! Click on the “world’s tallest unicycle
record” link and then click on the “test ride” link on the left side of
the page.

Anyone planning to be there for the official ride at the end of this


Ken Fuchs <>


You were there the first time I did an ‘international’ unicycle event.
(the basketball comp you had with Darren in Toronto…the first time I A) Rode a Coker B) Got my ass whooped at Unicycle Basketball

You can count on my attendance at your World Record Attempt.

PS. I’m bringing my 118 foot Giraffe

Brian MacKenzie,
London Ontario

Good luck to Sem.

I hope he does it.

Will the record-breaking attempt be in Michigan?

Oh yeah, does that thing have a HEMI?



Good luck Sem! Way to go!
Nice website of the unicycle, construction and testing of it. Great photos, it must have been one crazy cold day. Good thing you’ll be doing the Guinness book of world records ride inside, in the Pontiac Silverdome in Pontiac, MI. I hope the Silverdome is heated.

But only to keep his head from hitting the Sun

Here’s a question.

In the photos, Sem appears to be wearing a harness.

The unicycle will be secured…and the rider will also be secured?

Why 115 feet? why not 150, or 200?

I dunno, sounds kinda Fear Factor to me.

Not trying to take anything away from Sem, but the safety equipment really makes it possible for anyone to do it. Doesn’t it? I still want to see the unicycle though.