worlds smallest unicycle

after searching to see if this has already been posted i did not find it so you go.

wow Its an ultra mini giraffe! :smiley:


But he blatently could have gone further…?

haha real funny! :smiley:

And it’s cooooool!

…but it is possible to make styles with this unicycle?:smiley:

now lets see some trials or wheel walking

Can you imagine wheel walking on that thing!

i like his ending to the ride - He gets off, and grabs the unicycle and shakes it in the air lol… It looks hilarious. congrats to him though.

Now we take a small trip across the border to Spain to see a man from Sweden :thinking:
But yeah that looked hard, wonder if he can hop on it.

that was lame

Thats crazy but looks like a lot of effort to go nowhere but very impresive :astonished:

I wonder what compelled him to do this. That thing is so useless. I guess if you can’t break any records with a standard unicycle, you just make a ridiculously stupid one and simply learn to ride it in a straight line.

its pretty epic :smiley:

lol That was pretty funny. I wonder how hard that would actually be. I thought it was stupid that they measured the unicycle by height though. They should measure it by wheel size. I suppose if someone else was going to attempt the record they would have use a unicycle the same though.

Replace ‘unicycle’ with ‘bike’ and you get what many would say about a unicycle record attempt.

I thought it was awesome, would love to try the miniunicycle myself.

Where can I get some of those cranks for my 36er?

wow i can just picture that… but just imagine how much rpm u can get from that :roll_eyes: you would go insanely fast lol

and remember a geared hub:D

That was kool but i think ill stick with my 24" wheel.:smiley: