World Unicycling Convention 1996!!! - update

UNICON VIII UPDATE [11 March 1996]

The World Unicycling Convention 1996 is taking place in:


             5 - 12 AUGUST 1996

The mailout version of the booking form will be available in about a week. It is
all done (thanks Andy) except for replacing the American disclaimer with the
appropriate English one. We are in contact with lawyers and an insurance company
to make sure we get it right. Existing forms will be valid except that people
may be required to sign a different disclaimer on arrival. This will be
explained to riders when they have registered.

So far we have a firm booking on:

University sports hall (all week) University accommodation Running track (1 day

  • Saturday)

We are also in negociations for:

- Indoor and outdoor unicycling space
- Sleeping space on classroom floors
- Catering facilities

Sports Centre
- Sports Hall with seating (for finals & public show - Sunday)
- Discount on use of facilities all week
- swimming
- skating
- bowling

- Discount on Internet access

More details available:


Peter Philip of the LUNIs - London's Unicycle Hockey Team Coordinator of UNICON
VIII - The World Unicycling Convention 1996 +44 181 341 7587
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