World record high Jump?

Can anyone tell me who holds the world record for a high jump (on a unicycle obviously :slight_smile: ) and and how high the jump (or hop) was? I want to break it :slight_smile:

I couldn’t find the information on the internet anywhere

Thanks in advance, Chris

If you’re talking about side hops, you can start trying to beat this.

Not sure it’s the current “official” world record though.

whats your best hop so far?

Joe Hodges latest video had him hitting 121cm. That’s up to a ledge, not over a bar. As far as I know that’s the highest done on video, I don’t believe there is an official world record per se.

EDIt: actually 121.5 cm, video here

hehe, not that great…I’ve only just learnt to jump decent(ish) heights in the last few days, but its definately the most fun thing on a unicycle i’ve discovered so far…

I managed to jump onto a wall about 2ft high but fell off the other side sadly :frowning:

Ah well

How high can all of you lot jump/side hop?

I made of vid of 52 cm, I jumped a wall higher than that a short while ago, mabey 58cm? I’m not amazingly good at high jump. I am freakishly good at bailing though.

Hehe, The first time i did a jump of about 2 feet was when police pulled up briefly to watch me, I was pretty chuffed at that :slight_smile:

They laughed and drove off though :frowning:

I Side Hop about 80cm… I jumped 84cm one time… My record…
I will post the video of the 84cm side hop :smiley:

bye :smiley:

I thought you flat guys never left the ground?

I really like flat lines… But i love trials… I ride Bike Trials too… :smiley:

Jeeeeeeeeeeez, impressive :slight_smile: Look forward to seeing the vid

Trying to beat the world record… not to smash your dreams or anything lol but 2feet isnt very high… I’ve made 1meter a few times and I’m not even recognized as a good jumper.

Anybody that can jump over a meter is a good jumper IMO.

Haha I think anyone who can do 85cm + is good. Like that takes some skill.

I hope I can do 85cm someday.


You’re 13. When you’re 16, you’ll be insanely good, trust me. Just keep at it!
I got into unicycling when I was 14, you have a head start.

Ohhh cool thanks for that encouragment Danni. If I just keep practicing, when im lets say 16 how high I will be able to sidehop?



Depends on (in order of importance):

-practice time
-older rider to show you one on one
-jumping genetics


Tewksbury, as in Massachusetts? Well, it would be a bit of a drive (like 9 hours)…but if you come to NUMEN 2008 in western NY you can give some records a shot! links to pics/video from last year: