World record for Unicycle Skipping

Hey does anyone now the current world records, guiness or others for the
fastest uni skipping in a minute
and the record for skipping on the tallest unicycle and what height this is?

Thanks, would be cool to try a break some one day…:slight_smile:

It’s a tricky question to answer since the world record may or may not be a Guinness World Record, they are different beasts. Any GWR has strings attached since Guinness “owns” the record since they profit from publishing it and such. Hence, some people chose to NOT go through Guinness even though it sounds really cool to have a Guinness World Record.

Search this forum and you can find threads about several people at one of the Unicons that set the record several years ago. There was a workshop at NAUCC last summer.

You can request an answer from the GWR web site but it can take some time to get a response, if you ever do. The last time I knew from GWR it was around 219 skips per minute (I think).