World Poker Tour and Unicycles

I was just watching the “World Poker Tour”, held at The Bicycle Club Casino. The top price was $1.1 million . When there are just two players left, they always bring out the Cash and pile it up on the table.

Tonight, two guys wearing Tuxedos, riding 20" Unicycles carried the money out to the tables. The money was piled up on two big silver trays as they rode their unicycles.

Pretty Cool Huh? --chirokid–


very kewl

I got a pic and video.

chirokid is three hours ahead of me so I had enough of a heads up to set the DVR. The set on the show wasn’t all that great and they didn’t film the unicycle act very well. Neat, but not spectacular.

The video is in my Monster gallery.

poker tour unicycles.jpg

I’m not sure if it was the same episode, but i wrote about it a while back (in the summer, maybe) when i first saw it. It was probably the same episode.

They idled while the money was taken off the trays, right? They did in the one that i saw, anyway.

Yup, it’s the same show. I checked the site and the tournament at The Bicycle Casino was August 28-31, 2004.

Here’s your thread from last year: Unicycle on AFV

VanPatton is so snide :confused:
Couldn’t resist a better ‘clip’.

btw … I never knew KH made it to the discovery channel.

Interesting results on his ‘test’.

(I wondered why I passed the field sobriety tests when I got pulled over :smiley: before mobile ‘blower’ units)