World Hour Record

Just an update…I got an official email from Guinness this weekend informing me that my record attempt was exceeded by an undisclosed person who went 25.6km (15.87 miles) in one hour. I replied to them asking for more details (their emails are always slow), but in the meantime does anyone here know anything about this? Who was it & when & where? Ken L. was it you??

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I’ve still yet to hear from Guinness- they’re taking their time :frowning:

No I have not set out to break the hour record, I’ve hardly ridden my Coker since March! It’s currently got a dead crank stuck to the hub.

However, I did send in the lap tally book for my 24hr record which contained info regarding how many laps I did each hour. And we mentioned that the current hour record of 14km was out of date and complete nonsense given the times posted by most Coker riders. This was before I knew about your hour record challenge. Since it wasn’t applied for officially, I don’t think they would include it as an official hour record.

However, each of the 814 laps I did over 24hrs was signed and witnessed and tallied according to the hour in which they were done. The first hour or two would have been around 25km/hr average speed. So yes, they could potentially use that. I don’t know as I’ve not heard from them, and I’ve emailed them twice so far!

Did they mention when it was broken? If it was me I’d be happy to email them and let them know that we were not aware of your record attempt prior to my 24hr ride- which was really looking at breaking the 100mile and 24hr records. I believe the 1hr record deserves it’s own dedicated attempt.