Woom automagic gear for unicycle

has anyone experience with this 2 gear equipment which is made for children bycicles?
Different to Schlumpf it works automatic by changing the speed at 11 km/h.
It seems to be very interesting, but I m not a mechanic …

No experience with this one in particular, but the usual issues would apply:

  • geared bike hubs usually require a freewheeling mechanism to work, the clutches that engage the different gears only work in one direction-
  • Bike hubs are packaged completely differently (static central shaft, while on a unicycle the central shaft needs to be spinning)
  • Immediate shifting and engagement is not necessary on a bike. It just doesn’t matter as much if the shift takes a bit longer or is inconsistent.

Long story short, most geared hubs for bikes require such heavy modification to work on a unicycle, that you may aswell start from scratch. Even if you were to use a chain drive to circumvent the packaging issue, it’s not amazing because of the other issues.

I’ve ridden bikes with this kind of automatic gears (sram automatics) and I didn’t like it at all there, because I prefer knowing when I shift. That would be even more important on a unicycle.