Woodward Mt Bike Park in Fresno

Anybody ridden the Woodward mountain bike park in Fresno? It looks like it’d be a blast, and worth a drive. It has a trials area, North Shore, a DH jump area, and more. All free.

North Shore

ya, its pretty sweet. the best part is that a few riders might come out and ride.
I would show up for sure!
pm me back cause I hardly ever check threads again

Cool. I went to Fresno State. Graduated in 89. My brother lives there part time so I have a reason to come down. Next time I’m in town I’ll have to check the park out. Looks like a fun place for both my muni and coker. If I can remember, I’ll shoot you a PM and maybe we could meet up there.

Few riders meaning Spence and myself :smiley:

OMFG~~~!!! EDIT!: Just went crazy cause I saw Dave B!!! LMAO!!!

ya dude whooooooooooohoooooooooooo I will dave talk you cody if your not care yaaaaaaaaaaaahoooooooo!
dirty bird style. the worst…

ya anyway come out and shoot me a pm I will give you my number and it’ll be sweet! we will ride and it’ll be really fun.

I graduated from fresno pacific in 2008 if anyones interested!