Woodgraining uni frames

I’ve always liked the look of wood, so it’s a bit unfortunate that it’s such a weak material to build unicycle parts out of… But skimming the web, I stumbled across a business that specializes in wood graining bicycle frames. Check it out:

$1500 for a fancy frame is a bit steep, so I emailed the guys in charge. They said they would be willing to woodgrain a unicycle frame for $500. The result would be awesome… If I ever have $500 just laying around, this is what I’m going to spend it on.

This is sooo sexy!
Can you imagine a woodgrain triton 36er?


holy crap :astonished:

looks like you can achieve that same effect with a technique called “marbling”. They use it on fishing poles and fishing lures. Its done by adding paint to epoxy and using multiple epoxies and streaking it across the object that you are wanting to paint.

I have no idea how they would do that with a bicycle frame :astonished:

I would be to afraid to put it on my unicycle frame because it takes a beating

Juni: why a triton? raw Ti is SEXY

Good point knox…I suppose you’re right.

Maybe make a standard uni sexy then, maybe the one i recieve on wednesday :roll_eyes:

Is this wood graining available UK?

Woodgraining is fairly easy to do yourself. Spending $500 on something that gets dropped and scratch will have you bummed in no time. You can google DIY articles on woodgraining. It is down in the old car hobby all the time. Several of my car buddies have done their dashes with no experience and they look great. The basics is a base coat in brown, then use sponges with a different color brown for graining. Then clearcoat. When you mess up, you just paint over it.

Yeah but i’m lazy :stuck_out_tongue:

and rich?

No not rich…Just have spare money every week and nothing to spend it on :slight_smile:

Also (hopefully) i’m expecting a compensation claim from work to come through and it should be a few thousand pounds :sunglasses:

That’s the kind of problem I’d like to have. Maybe I should PM you my account info just in case you can’t figure out where to put all that extra money?

You bring up a good point!! I have no account yet! I get all my wages into my mums account and i’m not sure how i’d recieve my compo…Maybe it’s time i opened my own account up no matter how much i distrust the banks :roll_eyes:

Hey poor kid here :slight_smile: hint hint

I’ve always thought false-wood grain looked tacky.

There’s an American (I think - I’ll try to find the site) company making bike frames out of wood. Expensive but absolutely superb - not to be confused with the bamboo efforts that pop up every now and then.


EDIT: Here they are

that would made a sweet cruser frame!

Damn that audi b*ke is seriously sexy!!

Perhaps without the Audi logo it might be…
Seriously though, I think the road frames look fantastic (and apparently ride pretty well too). If I was in the market for a high-end frame (and wasn’t so attached to my 21-year-old Mercian) I think I’d be investigating them further.