Wobbly Schlumpf axle

Hi folks,
I have been riding KH 29er with Schlumpf for the past 8 years. I noticed recently that the axle itself is wobbly and thus the wheel has significant “freedom” while it shouldn’t have any.
My question is how can I tighten the axle, if it is possible at all (like on bicycle wheel hub).
Thanks for the help :pray:t3:

What hub number? You most probably have bearings that need to be replaced. There is no room for adjustement on Schlumpfs (the 800 series does have a little bit of space with shims but it’s very minimal). All the assembly uses sealed bearings and Cir-clips, not cup & cones like a lot of bicycle hubs.

You will have to send it to Florian Schlumpf or Flansberrium to get bearings replaced as most bearings are not common bearings you can find at your local bearing store.


Thanks a lot @jaco_flans for the quick response and information.
My hub serial # is: M 0086.
Do you have any estimation of the cost of such bearings replacement?
I guess that in order to ship it, I will have to take apart all spokes to detach the hub from the wheel…
Thanks again :pray:t3:

Very old. More than 15 years old. A lot of improvements have been implemented

Thanks @bouin-bouin , but that is so weird, since I purchased it in 2016, that’s 8 years ago.

Oops @bouin-bouin , I made a typo :slight_smile:
It is actually “M 0886”


I can confirm if I have all the bearings in stock I had a couple. Pricing is the same as listed on Schlumpf Innovation’s website.

Thank you so much @jaco_flans
I have a few questions please:

1- How can I tell if my hub model is KH or FS?
2- What is the work cost?
3- What is the VAT cost?

In general, is there a way that I can perform the bearing replacement by myself and just purchase the bearings from you?


Serial Numbers with M are KH hubs. Those have ISIS. FS hubs have square taper.

Thanks @Eric_aus_Chemnitz , that’s very helpful :pray:t3:

I sent you a private message :slight_smile: