WNBR - World Naked Bike Rides on Uni - Flat/Street

WNBR - Columbus, OH USA, August 5, 2023. Saturday, I conquered a 10-12 mile Nighttime Critical Mass Ride, and a bucket full of fears and ambitions! Add body paint messaging and a costume for jocularity and anonymity, and you have a cause and venue to push your boundaries and shed body dysmorphia en masse!

Sharing my pictures of prep / costume at the starting point & the end point after party: While most are day rides - I finished this challenging 10 - 12 mile ride through urban dark streets, in the altogether, with mask & 100% adrenaline! Can anyone share their experience with these events?

These are jubilant annual moderate paced street rides, with seemingly significant under representation of unicyclists! Since they are “protest rides” on the basis of bikers less reliance on oil, bicycle lane advocacy and promoting body positivity - nudity is tolerated and rather used to call greater attention to our vulnerability on the roads, and just for a fun, daring, community building Nude NOT Lewd time!

More info at:
World Naked Bike Ride
World Naked Bike Ride - A really good WNBR film to watch if you want to take part - YouTube