wnat to introduce myself

hey everyone, this is my first post. ive been checking out this site a lot in the last few days. I’ve always wanted a unicycle. I am mainly a downhill longboarder, but I’ve also shortboarded and used to do a lot of flatland bmx when i was younger. I’ve never been on a uni before, but I can be pretty cocky and I’m expecting to progress fast.
I just ordered my first unicylce, a nimbus x 20 inch from unicycles.com. I was wondering what kind of beating these things can take. I’m 160 pounds. I will obviously not be doing any trial stuff right away as im a noob, but I will eventually.I wanted to get a trials uni, but most of them weren’t in my price range and i figured this would be better to learn on

just wanted to introduce myself,

welcome sir.

unityler is also a longboarder

Refuse the delivery!

Save yourself!

Okay, fine…Hi and welcome.

On behalf of GILD who will probably be halfway up Mt Kilimanjaro by now;

That’s one more of us and one less of them.

Welcome to the forum Johnny.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.
We’re a friendly bunch.

yeah, welcome. this is a great forum to hang out in. good choice for your new uni. i’ll bet you pick it up pretty quickly.

Hello new friend welcome to the fora! That is an alright uni should do ya fine!

Hey, welcome to the forumns!

Hey man. I’m a speedboarder myself, and I ride a Rayne Demonseed with Crails and Pink Gumballs. I’ve also got a Lush Mako for carving with Randal 180s and 78a 70mm Retro ZigZags. Plus, a GFH Pigme with the stock 3" trucks and 78a 66mm ZigZags.

I’m on the Silverfish longboarding forums, too. PM me if you want my name on there.

you’ve got a nice collection there

This is what I’ve been ridding.
<img src=“http://www.landyachtz.com/images/uploads/store/ioimgs/Drop-carve-FB.jpg”>

Its a landyachtz drop carve fiberglass with abec 7 bearings and 70 mm flashback wheels. I recently made myself a homemade pair of sliding gloves and plan on getting some harder wheels for some better sliding action.

kilamanjaro eh ive climbed that

ewww those are soft wheels.

the ones im riding are actually even softer. the Abec 11 70’s Flashbacks im riding are 75a. Its a super smooth ride (over 30 mph in a full tuck and there is very little vibration) and you can turn on a dime. However, they make powerslides very difficult which are a nice way to slow down when youre going real fast.

welcome aboard:D

wtf, they make ABEC 11 bearings now?

when I skated (inline) a few years ago all I could manage to find were ABEC 7 and maybe 9 if I got lucky and had a pile of money I didnt like having.

EDIT: just realized you were talking about wheels there, not bearings

sorry about that. I forgot to clarify that in my post.

Yep – ABEC 11 is the company, and the owner, Chris Chaput, is a world class speed and slalom boarder that also runs Retro and Pink wheel companies.

And Mornish – ya gotta accept something other than hard wheeled street boards – nothing annoys me more than street boarders that think bearings actually matter at speed, that longboarders are sissies, or that you could go faster on hard wheels. I think Banjo and I can pretty much say that you wouldn’t be caught dead going 30+ (like both Banjo and I do a lot) on wheels any harder than in the 75a-85a region, unless you were sliding. Not saying you’re an arrogant street skater or anything, I just think derogatory comments suck some serious ball bearings. :wink:

Do your parents know you talk like that? :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and welcome to the banjo guy.