Wisdom of dual wheel unis

I try not to post questions with obvious answers or doing a search first so I hope this post falls in that category
I know you can swap different size diameter tires onto a single uni frame. The triton for example advertises dual or even triple size tires on a single frame with brake mounts included. My question is, is this truly practical. I’m thinking about adding a 29 to my inventory and am wondering about the wisdom of a single 29 frame with two tires, a 29 street tire and a 26 dirt tire. Without brakes I suspect it is not difficult but with rim or disk brakes it looks more complicated then convenient.

It’s a tempting thought, but relatively little of the cost of a (plain) unicycle is in the frame - it’s almost as if things like a brake setup are what might put enough added cost there to make it worthwhile.

And you have to see how buying 70% of a unicycle in pieces compares economically to buying a whole one - though if you can’t get the components you want in a complete unicycle, or already have them kicking around it might make more sense.

Even if a saddle / handle setup is expensive, moving that between unicycles is probably faster than opening bearing caps (though there have been quick release bearing cap ideas posted)

Works fine. I’ve swapped 26" muni and 700c road wheels back and forth between frames many times over the last couple of years.

If you want a true 700c road wheel as I did, there’s no off-the-rack option anyway. But you can pick exactly which parts you want and get them at your convenience or when the price is right if you go a la carte.

True. Brakes complicate matters. It’s a quick job without them. But you might or might not like having to do the switch before riding, depending on how you are. It’s an extra step away from the convenience of grabbing your gear, checking pressure, and just going riding if you’ve got the wrong wheel in there. There were times when I just wanted to ride and not mess with wrenches and possibly having to hunt for a dropped nut or bolt and such. I grabbed a closeout Qu-Ax steel muni frame for the 700c wheel when I saw it. And then I built up a second 26" muni wheel, so I’m still swapping wheels now and then. :frowning: