Winter unicycling 2023

A month ago I found a nice trail nearby and decided to film another one video.

Found out that my cranks a bit short for such terrain, but anyway it was fun.


It’s nice and also the view is great. How do you fixed the Camera on the Unicycle? Which crank length do you use for riding in the snow? I ride 150 mm cranks on my 26" Muni for the Snow and for the normal riding. Shorter cranks are better for the speed and you can also train to get better with the shorter cranks. I ride my 36" for many years with 127mm cranks and now I ride with 117mm cranks and it’s harder but it makes a lot of fun to ride with the shorter cranks. 127mm cranks are very long on a 36" without a schlumpf.

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I think its a chest-mounted camera.

I used a cheap chest gopro mount on me.
Cranks are handmade, I made them about 130mm. They are a bit too wide, that makes riding harder than it should be. They’re nice for casual cross-country riding though. For such snowy downhills are also okayish but pretty hard to go uphill.
I’m going to build a new uni, with 29x3.0" tire and 145mm cranks. I moved to a city with high altitude difference, so longer cranks should be better.