Winter MUni or WUni??

An 18º called for a wintery snow MUni or WUni ride. Packed my bag and rode off. Stopped and boiled water in the woods and had some cocoa … that was warmly fun and tasty. Had some falls, drops, stairs and a really good and cold ride.
Shot it on my pocket camera so the quality is so-so. A wee bit more chit-chat than usual …
Watch in high quality on YouTube if ya’ want for better viewing.
All secure in sector seven,

Awesome vid Shug! That first bail looked sorda painful… Keep it simple!



EDIT: You might just have inspired me to make a WUni vid too!

that was awesome, your accent is cool and nice bails and riding too.

cool vid my friend! That bail did look particularly bad at the start but good riding down the stairs!
Is that a 29" KH?

No pain … just a thrill! Thanks

Too cool. Thanks man.

It is a 24 KH… that hill was steep but the fall was not too painful…

Very cool video!

That was fun to watch Sean! (I know your first name now!) You have so much fun riding and that comes across. :smiley:

Nice vid Sean :slight_smile: fun to watch. If ya haven’t road Theo Wirth yet, it’s pretty cool in the winter, we’ll have to catch that sometime…

Cool?.. It was cold! Thanks munirocks and gooden middag.

Had a durn fun ride that day and I am looking forward to more WUni! Going to Vegas in mid Dec. and wish I could ride Bootleg … but I am there for work and time will be short.:frowning:

Let’s do that as I have not ridden there yet. PM me and we can set a day and time. Cool…

I hope to ride in the snow very soon!!! looks like fun … enjoyed the music :slight_smile:

Yeah go man … is there snow down there now? I would not think so.