Winter EUC 2023

Will there be a Winter EUC 2023 in Cologne?

maybe @Becky98 or @jogi knows

I’ve ask Jogi in November 2022 and means that it doesn’t work in Köln in Germany, Covids work was it. Badly. I don’t know it if there is a Winter EUC in Cologne. I wish it is a Winter EUC in Cologne for the People who can ride a Unicycle. I’ve a Injury and i don’t can ride for the next two Months, very badly but it goes.

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I have heard nothing about it, also Jogi didn’t said anything about it when I met him about a week ago.
Would be sad if there will be no winter EUC in 2023

It would be a pity, if such a great event would fall asleep, because of covid.

Ian, Olaf, Malte and me will do the next Winter EUC in 2024.
This year they rebuild the skatehall and Corona rules was to unsave to rise an event.


Thank you for the information. Glad to hear, that the Winter EUC is still alive.