Winter '09

It was cold out, so that resulted in a short video and some sloppy tricks.

Still, here you go:

Winter '09

Constructive(or not so constructive) criticism is welcome.


I don’t know how to make embedding work…

not too bad… catchy tune too lol :smiley:

Nicceee. That video was sick, I liked the bigness of the outspin :sunglasses:


nice vid

but you cant really see that in your country is winter:D


Thanks to everyone for all of the feedback.

I have a question about my outspins actually. When I do unispins SIF, i hold the seat with my right hand and then spin them with my left(counterclockwise). When I outspin, I hold the handle with my right hand and spin clockwise. Does this give my outspins some sort of prefix?

Yeah, we don’t get a whole lot of snow here.