Willow Creek Shred - Cedar Dobson and Akira Hoagland

This is a video I edited and wrote music for of our Willow Creek ride (May 14th), which was my last ride on my Sun 24" MUni before upgrading. It was a perfect day to ride, and Akira and I had a blast just riding down this beautiful trail. I hope you enjoy! (: )-O

Filmed by Cedar Dobson and Akira Hoagland on a DJI Osmo Gimbal

Edited by Cedar Dobson on Final Cut Pro

Music Composed by Cedar Dobson on Logic Pro X with Live and Virtual Instruments

Sun 24" and Mad4One 26" Unicycles


That is so many kinds of awesome. I love that you write your own music. Thanks for posting!


Aw thank you so much! I really enjoy many aspects of this sport. Glad you enjoyed it :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is cool af. I like the riding and the music. That looks like a great trail.


Aw thank you so much, it’s all really fun (the trail is one of my favorites). :grin:

Cool video. Think I’ll dust off my Sun 24 and go for a ride later. Thanks for sharing.

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Aw thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it. Have fun riding!

Very impressive! :fire:

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Thank you so much :slightly_smiling_face: