Will this work?

Will this crank arm tool remove the Koxx-one Cranks as well?

I don’t have anything to remove cranks and I’m going to order a new seatpost from UDC so I was wondering if this will work with K1 cranks. How is it supposed to work anyways?

Yea. It is supposed to work on all cranks.
My bike guy used one on my cranks the other day.


Thanks for the quick response

If you have the Koxx1 street cranks it will not work because the threads in the cranks go the wrong way.

I got the trials cranks though, so they’ll work right?


And for how they work, you undo the axle bolt and the black piece of the crank puller in the top of the picture goes into the hole first and you thread it in (those black threads in the picture). Once that is secure, you tighten that silver part and as you tighten it, the foot piece (top of the picture) extends and pushes against the axle and pushes the crank off.


It does not work on profiles or similar cranks.
It’s and ISIS/Square taper crank remover.