Will this tire fit this rim?

I want to build a wheel for a special purpose, and I want it as light as possible. I have a 47mm KH 24" drilled rim, and I am wondering if this tire will fit it. The width of the tire is almost exactly identical to the rim width, which I measured from outside to outside. The tire is 1.85, or 46.99mm.

I like this tire for it’s “micro tread” design for goof traction, but should also handle well on paved roads, and the fact that it’s very light. If anyone knows of a 24" tire available of similar light weight that would be good for road surfaces, please post a link.

Terry, I think I have one that you can have for nothing… I ran them on my BMX cruiser but switched up to the MK2’s. I haven’t tried them on a uni. I run a KRAD on my 24" uni and would use a Holy Roller alternatively. The micro knobby is a racing tire and is pretty thin. Not much sidewall or flat protection.

Wow that’s really nice of you! But I was thinking the same thing about the sidewall being weak and maybe prone to folding. I plan on using it for just one purpose where I would be riding mostly in a straight line and no hopping or anything like that.

All the other wire bead 24" tires seem so heavy by comparison, but maybe it would be better for my purpose. Anything will seem much lighter than my current LM rim and 3" wide intense DH tire! :o

Edit: I haven’t seen where you can buy them separately, but the 24" torker LX tire would be just right; light and still fairly wide.

You are welcome to it if you want to give it a whirl. You know how to find me.

I tried to find a picture of the Torker LX tire but couldn’t find a good one.

Thanks Kevin! I plan to call UDC tomorrow to talk with Josh, and see what he recommends for my particular project. I might just end up getting a new, lightweight uni, instead of building a new wheel.

I’m not sure what the torker 24" uses, but I took my 20" in to a bike shop and they replaced it with an identical tire. I think it’s just a standard bmx-all-round tire.

Don’t know if I’m helping at all…

A new uni, always a good plan! They had those cool 24" racers on UDC before the NAUCC. I’m sure you’ll get something cool.

I talked with Josh and found the perfect tire for my needs. It’s the Kenda NJP 24x2.1. Looks a bit like the torker LX tire, but he said it’s better. Weighs only 600 grams too, which is pretty light. :slight_smile:

Torker doesn’t make tires. It is probably a Kenda KRAD or similar. I’m sure the make and model are printed on your tire.

I haven’t seen that tire before it looks like a perfect answer. Pavement and concrete would eat microknobbies for lunch.

Yes that’s why I said I wasn’t sure what they used. I’m pretty sure it’s Kenda, but I am not near my unicycle at the moment.

If you’re trying to build something as light as possible, why on earth would you use a 47mm rim?

I should have said, light as possible with a 47mm rim. My regular setup uses a LM 65mm rim with the much heavier dh tire, dh tube, and moment cranks. So switching to the drilled rim and lighter tire, tube and cranks, I should cut the weight by at least a couple pounds or more.

Me neither :frowning:

Hey, lighten up man!

I just finished building a lightweight wheel for my 24 MUni. I’m planning something soon and needed to lighten the load of my KH 24, which has the Large marge rim and intense 24x3 tire. So here’s the weight savings info, which is significant!

My LM wheel set as pictured below, weighs in at a hefty 12 pounds! That’s the wheel w/cranks, pedal, tire and tube, as pictured below.

For the new wheel build, I used the original KH drilled MUni rim, nimbus isis hub, the Kenda super light 2.1 tire with folding bead, the lightest (and cheapest!) isis cranks, and plastic pedals. Weight of this setup: 7 pounds! That’s a whopping FIVE pound reduction in wheel weight!

The kh frame with cf base, lift handle, bumper, and saddle, plus maggies weighs in at a very light 4.5 pounds.

Total weight of my kh 24 with new wheel setup:
11.5 pounds! That’s less than my stock kh trials uni! So with this new wheel build, the weight of my MUni dropped from almost 17 pounds down to well under 12! That should make my upcoming challenge a lot more doable. :smiley:

wow I’m amazed you were able to shave that much weight off. Looks good.

That will make a huge difference!

Guess we’ll have to wait to see what you are up to…

It feels so incredibly light now, that my “feather light” 29er feels like a tank by comparison! :o I’ll be doing my little “challenge” soon and will be reporting back asap. :smiley:


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