will this setup work/be decent

im pimping out my uni so it will be mayo and will this setup work/be decent

KH fusion seat
normal seatpost
nimbus frame
kh 07 hub
Kh 07 cranks(duh)
jimmy cs
nimbus Rim
CC tyre

i will be using this uni for street and trials ty in advance

all good except for the nimbus rim, which one is it?

if its the old rebranded KH rims it shouldnt be too bad.

but i’d get a different rim if i were you.

nimbus rebrander KH rim

good or bad?

its a KH rim essentially

KH stuff us usually good.

so yes it probably will hold up to you, but why the nimbus rim?

any specific reason or you just like it?

i like and it is the rime that is on the uni and i cant be bothered to serch for a different one/buy it/wait/put it on

If your going all pimped out then why slack on the rim…just get a DX32 or a KH07 rim. Thats what id do.

because I belive that that that rim was a KH (kinda) 05/4
and those are in my opinion(<hey i spelt it right)they are one of the best rime out there ,i dont like the idea of drilled

so there wont be any problems with the hub and frame bearing clamp thing?

sure you you can spell opinion, but what the hell is a rime?

sorry ,rim