Will the typical gel bike cushion work on a unicycle??

I still haven’t goten a uni yet but, and am looking towards getting a LX 20’. I’ve heard it has a really bad seat that’s hard and stuff but i have a bike cushion…I’ve seen the shape of a uni seat and have been wondering… Will the typical bicycle cushion fit on a unicycle?? For all those are who are angry at me for making some threads and telling me to use the search button, I did and didn’t find this topic. If you do find a topic like this I’ll be happy to delete this thread and go to that thread. Since you probally won’t find anything like me, just remember this: You’re not going to be able to see this thread in a couple days or even for the rest of today, so don’t complain I’m already sick of it…

Well, depends on what seat you have on the bike. Buy the uni and see:)

Torker LX seat looks good to me. I think bicycle seat would be even more uncomfortable, but you can always try it.

It may fit, i haven’t tried it myself but my concern is will it bolt into the seat holders?? :thinking:

BTW i’m not angry at you for writing this up. I think it’s good that you need help and that’s why we’re here. :smiley: :smiley:

Hoped this helped my friend

Is it a complete saddle or a pad that you fit on top of the saddle?

I think he means one of these

don’t worry about the threads, most people are not so tight up as to make a big deal, or even care. I think that the seat cover might work, i saw someone put one on their KH Fusion, and they said it was super comfy. If it doesn’t work, don’t worry, your butt will get used to it:D