Will the Nimbus saddle covers fit a KH seat?

Quick question, will the Nimbus saddle covers fit a KH Street saddle? I’m talking the Nimbus specific drawstring ones that UDC sells.

Like this: http://www.unicycle.com/unicycle-hardware/saddles-and-accessories/saddle-accessories/nimbus-saddle-cover-3357.html

I gotta have a cow skin saddle cover. That would be the shiz-nizzle.


I have a Nimbus draw string cover on a flattened Nimbus gel saddle. I also have a Fusion Street saddle. A quick visual comparison says that the Gel is taller foam, and they share the same base. So, I think if you pull the drawsting a bit tighter it will probably work alright. I don’t feel like taking my saddles apart to see at the moment, but I agree a cow skin cover would be cool. I may have to pick one up. $10 seems like a good deal w/free shipping…

If the cover would be a bit bigger, I wouldn’t care, I worry more about it being too small, though I’m not sure how it would be.

That’d be the topper on my Muni. It’d be perfect.

Meh, scratch that. No way it’ll be too small :).

I dug up an oooooold Nimbus gel I forgot I had, and checked the original cover against one of my junk KH street’s. I can see where it’d be a bit on the large side now.

At 10 bucks though I think I’ll spring for the cover and deal with it if it doesn’t fit.

I just wish I could buy those new Nimbus grab handles too and I’d totally revamp my seat. Oh well…

Edit: Done and done. You’re right Jtrops, $10 and free shipping is too cheap to pass up for eternal happiness :).

Send pictures!
That’ll look pretty cool, I bet.

Don’t know if all Nimbus cow covers are the same. Mine was a whole gel seat.
The cow portion has very short “FUR” that doesn’t allow movement if you ride in denim pants very well. Camera phone, but you get the idea.

48 4.jpg


It’s even got fur on it? This thing’s gonna be awesome! :eei:

Which way does the fur lay? Front to back or back to front?

How do you get the free shipping? I’ve got a very tired orange freeride cover I wouldn’t mind replacing. With something non-cow.

UDC free shipping code SHIPMEFREE. There is another code right now too but I forget what it is.

Not so much Fur as we know. Kind of a cross between valour and short terry cloth. Looks pretty cool. I got mine with white bumpers.

Huh, I thought that had expired at the end of the year. New saddle covers on the way!

FREE2013 until the end of January, and SHIPMEFREE until the end of February, as told to me by UDC staff through emails.