will th KH 20" rim fit this maxxis cc tire?

Hi guys,

I think this tire will fit this rim but i just wanna souble check and make sure before i buy anything :slight_smile:

will this :

fit this rim?


Yes, it will.

Bike mod trials rear tires (what most trials/flat/street unis use) are actually 19" although they are often called 20โ€™s.

Bike mod trials front tires are true 20"

This tire will also fit the rim. I bet, although Iโ€™m not possitive, it will still have enough clearence on the KH flat frame. UDC would know for sure.

NO! Donโ€™t listen to those 2!!

It will NOT fit, the rim you listed is a TRUE 20" and not a MOD trials rim (19") so it will NOT fit.

This tire will fit on the 19" version tho! :slight_smile: