Will rubber cement work for vulcanizing tire patches

I have a bunch of tire patches left over because I have used up the glue. I found some replacement glue tubes for tire patches, but they are small and expensive. I was wondering if regular rubber cement such Elmers will work. Does it vulcanize?

Tube patch kit glue is not a vulcanizing agent. It is simple rubber cement like Elmer’s or other products. That stuff should work fine.

Vulcanization takes place at high temperatures with chemical additives. The molecular bonding is changed in a manner that strengthens the rubber and makes it resistant to chemical attack. It doesn’t happen at room temperature.

I don’t even buy patch kits anymore. Regular rubber cement and regular cut-up tubes work great. I have not had a patch leak in 10 years.

Normally I would agree with Harper (because he’s a lot smarter and older than me). But ever since he claimed that water is incompressible I’ve felt compelled to clarify/correct his mis-information. :wink:

Vulcanization does NOT take place at high temperatures. It takes place at a temperature slightly warmer than that of Earth (as Vulcan is a little hotter than Earth).

True Vulcanizing agents are VERY expensive since Vulcan is about 16 light years from Earth and neither UPS nor Fed-Ex ship from Vulcan.


p.s. I’m not really sure what developing pointy ears and an obsession with logic/lack of emotion has to do with patching leaky tubes.

You’re right that is was foolish of me to post that water is incompressible when, much like tungsten, it obviously is not.

My part of the vulcanization discussion did not involve cost. I feel that including transportation costs to various alien places like Vulcan, Congo, or Utah for unicycle repair is entirely justified.

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Now I’m very confused. Thanks guys.

My apologies for the silly thread-jack.

Yes. Normal rubber cement should work fine.


Vulcanising patches work by chemically bonding the patch and the tube rather than by sticking the patch onto the tube with an intervening layer of glue.

No doubt purists would argue over whether it is true “vulcanisation”, but “vulcanising patches” do work in a different way from the ordinary sort.

That said, I should imagine you can just stick 'em on in the old fashioned way.

Wow, I found this thread while googling ’ Chemical Vulcanizing Cement’. Never thought I’d find a path back home to the unicyclist forum. :slight_smile:

I’ve found products described to be vulcanizing rubber cement for tubes. I’m just not sure if these products only do their vulcanizes thing if you use the patches from the same manufacturer. Detailed descriptions describe the chemical vulcanization happens with the gum of the patch. Since I want to join a rubber tube to rubber tube without the patch material, I’m not sure the vulcanizing will happen.

I’ll try to call REMA tomorrow.

I bought a can of patch cement at an auto parts store that is the same as the stuff in the tubes. I’ve used regular rubber cement, but this stuff definately works better. I have been making my patches from old tubes and cleaning them with acetone before applying the cement. The bond is very good, if not as good as using a factory made patch.

I tried using REMA cold vulcanizing fluid. and it worked worst the Schwinn patch kit cement. There was no vulcanization, seems to be plain rubber cement.

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Do not forget to remind her to pack some rubber cement and a few cuts out of a former tube so she can also manage herself any flat standing in her way :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


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