Will my MTB tires fit my KH29 rim?

Will my MTB tires fit my KH29 rim? Visual comparison makes me think they will.

This would be cool, as I’d like a slick tire for my upcoming hill climb road races with my KH29.

Do you have a 29er mountain bike?

The standard 26" MTB tires will not fit on a 29er rim. The 29er rim is actually a 700c rim which is the same size as used on most road bikes and cyclocross bikes now. So road bike tires and cyclocross tires will fit on the KH29 rim. But since the KH29 rim is much wider than regular road bike rims the skinny road bike tires won’t fit very well on it. The KH29 rim is designed for fatter tires.

Thanks, Mr. Childs.

No go on the MTB tire. Would a “Big Apple” or some other thing do it for me?

The Big Apple comes in a 29x2.35 flavor (it also comes in a 26" size that’ll fit your mountain bike). You can get it from unicycle.com. It’s a good tire for unicycles.