Will light weight cranks for Muni make a noticable difference?

I have done some searching but did not find what I has looking for. I have 150’s Moments which are 660grams.
I have been thinking about getting 152’s Nimbus Ventures which weigh 430grams, so a saving of 230grams.

If I change to the Nimbus Ventures will the change in wieght be very notice able for Muni.
Also do you think they would hold up to techical muni and drops of up to 5foot.
Thanks Sam.

I’d say you probably won’t notice the difference. In theory lighter cranks will spin faster without so much wobble and climb/hop better due to general weight reduction, but in practice I don’t reckon it’s really that noticeable unless you lose a huge amount of weight.

I went the other way. My old muni had really light ProWheel sq-taper cranks and my new one has Moments. The Moments probably weigh twice as much as the ProWheels, but I can’t say I can really tell. The extra stiffness of the Moments over the ProWheels is noticeable on climbs (a good thing), but not really the weight. Moments are massively over-engineered for my riding really though.

Are Ventures strong enough for your big drops?


I would agree with Rob. I don’t think that you will feel the difference with 230grams. I used to have the Qu-Ax Aluminium cranks and swapped to Moments. The Qu-Ax cranks are way lighter than the Moments, and to be honest I did not feel the weight change. The biggest change for was the change in length.

Crank weight won’t matter much, maybe pedal weight, but if you really want to change the way your muni rides, go with a lighter tire. It’s amazing how much more gyroscopic effect a big tire has, like comparing the Gazz 3" to a Duro 3" or even lighter like a 2.5"

Changing a crank for a lesser Q factor is also nice, like using the K1 cranks vs KH, makes for less side to side wobble with less Q factor on the K1.

Can definitely notice a different feel/spin with light long cranks vs heavy long cranks (I’ve used milled longer cranks for a while) but as Nurse Ben pointed out +/-200 grams on the tire creates a much more noticeable change… though like a lot of things on the uni, after a ride or two what you’re now using becomes the norm, how much it all matters apart from being great fun to play around with, hard to say!

As for the Ventures being strong/durable enough for those kind of drops - I don’t know TBH. They are a neat looking, light and cheaper alternative to Moments but they aren’t bombproof like Moments e.g. Nimbus Ventures

Kris mentioned somewhere a while back lighter Moments were being tested. I hope that ends up happening as I reckon they would be popular.

On just about everything though you trade one thing to gain another, so really it’s whatever suits you.

They will make some difference. The uni will wobble less, and will accelerate and decelerate slightly more easily. Idling will be slightly easier, and so on.

The effect will be fairly slight. It isn’t simply a matter of grammes but where they are on the uni, and the fact that they are rotating.

Money spent on good kit is never wasted.

I rececently bought a couple of 3’’ gazz’s, I have a 3’’ Duro on now. I hope I like the gazz.

Lighter Moments would be nice. The biggest drop I have done so far is 1.1m, but I was thinking I want to try bigger :o
Thanks for all the great responses, I am still debating weither to buy them or not as I want to buy other parts:)