will i be able to buy the new coker in uk ?

if i order off cokercycles direct does anyone know th shipping cost and import duty ?
should i wait till others receive a coker and review it, or should i buy a nimbus or quax 36er?
currently got a 26 inch unicycle and looking for bit more fun and speed

Having not riden the new coker these are probably quite biased opinions.

The import duty and shipping cost will probably be quite high and the coker specs are not particularly clear. I would personally recommend the Nimbus 36 (which I have ridden).

You won’t pay much for shipping in the UK and you will get it in a couple of days rather than having to wait a week or two (possibly longer).

It may be worth waiting for someone to chip in with opinions on the new coker but I don’t think that there are any in the UK yet and that probably says as much as you need to know about the cost of importing one.