Will a Miyata seat cover fit on a carbon fibre seatbase?

I’d like to make up a freestyle carbon fibre saddle with Kinport handles and Miyata foam and cover. I reckon the cover and foam should fit the base, no problem. The handles should help keep the cover on the base at the front and rear, but I wonder about the middle part of the saddle - what’s to stop the edge of the cover from coming off the rim of the seatbase?

Miyata seat covers have a wire in them which you can use to tension the cover in place. But without the aid of those metal clips found on the miyata seatbase, how would the cover stay on in the middle? Has anyone tried this before?

I figure that since the Gemcrest seat covers have a length of elastic shock-cord thru their ‘hem’ and are fitted to CF bases in air-seats then maybe the Miyata cover will work on the CF base. Either that or maybe replacing the wire with shock cord…

Any suggestions…?

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i’ve been using you’re above description (miyata cover and foam on a carbon base for almost as long as i’ve ridden, and as long as you use the wire, it will stay on no problem. you don’t have to tighten it very much either, and it will stay.

I reawlly like this set-up, it’s what i use on my trials unicycle, and it’s great. Good luck


Hey that’s great my setup will work! thanks for your reply, Ryan.


Hey tony! What’s up?
I too use the same kind of seat. It works great. My only suggestion is to get a thicker more durable padding. Otherwise, the myata foam wears out quick.

-Ryan Woessner :slight_smile:
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