Will a 29" Hans Dampf Schwalbe fit the KH 29" rim that is 55mm wide?

I just got a new KH 29" rim (55mm wide). I can’t seem to fit my 29" Hans Dampf Schwalbe tire onto it. Does anyone know if this is a good combo?


I’ve used a 2.35" Schwalbe Racing Ralph on a 50mm Speedway rim and it was a great combo on snowy, loamy, and sandy surfaces staying stable at quite low pressures. It was also very susceptible to pinch flats on rocks and logs, and somewhat sensitive to camber. I would expect your tire/rim combination would be similar.

Thanks, Eric. Do you know of any tricks to get the tire on? I got one side (bead) of the tire on. However, when I try to get the 2nd side on, it’s so tight, and the bead needs to go another 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch radially to get over the rim. I don’t know how much the side-wall bead stretches, but it seems like it has to strech a lot. I don’t know if I’m strong enough to get the tire on.

I don’t remember it being this hard to get the same tire on the older Nimbus 29" rim.

Tire beads do not stretch. You need to make sure the bead is in the center of the rim all the way around to give you the clearance to get the last of the bead over the rim. Make sure the inner tube is not pinched between the rim and the bead. Push the valve stem into the rim. If you got the first side on, then the second side will go on. The second side is often made more difficult as the inner tube is getting in the way and some tires wanting to keep springing the bead out of the center portion of the rim.

Thanks, RHankey. I did not have the bead in the center of the rim. I pushed the beads out as far as possible… I really appreciate your help. I’ll try that tonight.

One more question, does anyone know if a tube rated for 29 x 1.75-2.4 will work with a tire that is 3.25" wide?


Yes, it will work fine. With lower quality tubes you may not get perfectly round/smooth tire though. For example rubber around a valve can be thicker than rest of the tube -> tire around that area may have an indentation.

Thanks. It’s a Specialized tube. Picked it up at a local mountainbike shop. I’m guessing it’s OK.

Doing this will only stretch the rubber more than the max size announced.

Usually it will be harmless and may lead to under average air retention because of the extra stretch. And for tubes on the cheap side, it means thinner rubber that will be a bit more fragile to snake bites or other aggressions. But still 200% better than missing a tube and not riding :stuck_out_tongue: