Will a 26" Surly Endomorph Tyre fit in a KH26 Frame?

Has anyone tried to mount a 26" Endomorph on a KH26 rim in a KH26 frame? I’d like to try this tyre, but wonder whether it’ll be too big.

Seems exceedingly unlikely.

Seeing as my Gazz won’t fit. I am pretty confident in saying no.

I was gonna chime in no. . . . but looks like you have gotten all the no’s you need from the folks that know their fatty fat tires.

I also have a KH29 frame, so I could try this with an Endomorph mounted on a KH26 wheelset. This is all speculative as yet, because I’ve neither built my 26" wheel nor got the tyre!

This is a 26x3" Gazzaloddi, I take it? Do you have one of the older (narrower) KH26 frames or the newer (wider) ones, built to fit a 3 inch tyre?

The Endomorph on the Large Marge measures just about 3.81" wide, so you could measure the inside of your frame and see if it’s plausible. My guess is no.

I actually have a KH29 frame that I sometimes run a 26" wheel in. 82mm clearance at the crown my KH24 frame has 84mm clearance at the crown.

My Gazz is mostly 80mm wide with a couple spots at 83mm wide on a 46mm rim… An Endo is bigger.