Wilder Lift handles.

I know 12 of these or so have been sold already. I was looking to get some feedback myself. I agree with U-Turn that they are a bit pricey, but I won’t gripe about that.

they are alot pricey…sure would be nice to see a rear bumper too…

Wilder lift handles? I haven’t seen these. Is this a Reeder type handle or a replacement Miyata plastic handle or what? What is the price range?

Here they are:


Tommy in Memphis got one; the holes didn’t line up properly with the Miyata sadle or the tolerances where too tight, and there seemed to be less than an impressive amount of material between the bolt holes and the edge of the part. $75? I’m sure that must reflect the manufacturing process and materials- still, not all processes and materials are apropriate for all applications…


What about this one? http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/CNC-handle

showard = user/developer was supposed to be producing them soon at a very reasonable cost. Does anyone know what happened to that project? Mr. Howard??

I thought they would run in the $15 to $20 range per front or back and reduced for the set. My order has been placed already. Anyone else?

Steve sent me 5 pairs, 3 in black and 2 in white. I gave a pair of each color to Roger Davies to deliver to someone in the UK. I gave a pair of each color to John Drummond for him to see before he got home from UNICON. I think that Steve has already shipped some to unicycle.com. I have a black pair which I have not yet installed. I don’t know what the pricing is for this item, just that the second design iteration has been produced in some moderate quantity. They are clearly much more rugged than the Miyata bumpers and roomier to grab. I have only seen photos of Scott Bridgman’s handles so I am unable to compare the two.

i’m would think that the lack of material would’nt matter cause the plastic used is so strong,but it is a scary little sliver non the less:( .

what cant anything just be perfect?


Wilder Lift handles

They’ll “never” break. As in: You won’t ever have to buy replacements. As in: You don’t have to worry that they’ll rip in half somewhere out in the boonies 5 or 10 miles from the car, or halfway through a tough move over a rock or a drop off of a log. It’s been said (more or less) here before, and I’ll say it again; if it’s perfection at a cheap price you want, look for another hobby. Of course, griping is a very cheap pastime, as many here know.

If ya wanna read the “discussions” that have already been posted on this handle, go here: http://www.muniac.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=8&t=000014

Wilder Lift handles

Talk is cheap. Design and make something better and/or cheaper … or shut up. The price is the price. When’s the last time you argued about the price of gasoline with Exxon? No? You keep on buying it, don’cha?

Re: Wilder Lift handles

in your face fool…im 29 years old and never owned a car and choose not to drive.

having a discussion is not griping,ease-up.

I sincerely congratulate you and commend you!
I’m 42, and, by choice, have not owned or driven a car in the past 11 years.

So, is that an example of your idea of an easy discussion? Or is this?:

You’ve already been this way on this forum more than I’d generally allow in person, so, why don’t you just ease up, “pal”.

cool … it’s getting heated

are your aliases Ian and Naomi ??

Keep at it !

I personally own two cars which permanantly keeps one off the road does that equate to owning no car ?

Leo White, Cheltenham

since i dont drive the Pacific ocean is gonna be an 8 hour run from my house,but as soon as i get there im swimming over

Thank’s Greg and Roger (not to mention Steve),
I’ll post a review as soon as I get my eager little mitts on them.

Leo White, Cheltenham

Pacific Ocean run

You talk BIG !
Last trip home I made, it took a 747 14 hours to cross the Pacific (carrying about 300 passengers). Of course, travelling in an easterly direction, we had a tailwind…
You’ve got a Muni, right?
With a headwind… a mere 8 hours… I can get a good night’s sleep and be ready to greet you with a nice breakfast of rice, miso soup, natto, and pickled daikon.

It’s going to be in the mid-90’s today, and you may encounter a high-pressure system with strong cyclical winds and thunderstorms about mid-way in your crossing.

I don’t think cnc is the way to go for that thing for mass production: Large cut time, high waste of expensive material.

You can’t blame Scott though. He provides an alternative where there formerly was none. He will sell some of those at that price. He is undoubtedly NOT making much profit as the code for the program surely took some time, and he probably has to stand there and change tools several times for each part. I don’t agree with, “Design and make something better and/or cheaper … or shut up.” I think we are all entitled to discuss and or complain about parts. It is what motivates improvement. If you don’t want to discuss parts, why would you even sign up to be a user of this group.

I’m not Naomi.

I think jagur said he had an 8 hour run to get to the Pacific Ocean, then he’d swim over. That’ll take significantly more time, so you’d better hold off on the rice. Maybe the rice has affected your understanding of what he said, how about a juicy steak and eggs for breakfast instead. If he can make it over, that’d be a real reward.

I have absolutely no objection to a discussion of parts. I’ve contributed to several threads here that were about solutions to problems with parts. I think the griping about prices of parts that nobody is being forced to purchase, and which have been produced, not for mere profit, but in an attempt to ammend or improve an existing part; is just whining (Br: whingeing). The price of this particular part has been whined about/discussed in previous threads; here and on muniac.com.

One point which was repeated on the thread there, was, the mistaken (however idealistic and romantic) idea that Muni is mass-market, and therefore somehow subject to the same supply-and-demand rules and benefits.

If you don’t like the price, don’t buy it. Think you can make it cheaper? More power (and almighty profit) to you! That’s the basis of capitalism, after all, right?

I’m terribly sorry if anyone thought I was tramping on their god-given right to gripe. I’m just exercising my god-given right to gripe about reading them gripe.

Oops! You’re right. Lessee… 8 hours from Salem to the coast… then swimming… gee, I don’t have any conversion gauge for that. The ocean currents flow easterly, too… Hmmm… sometime next week? You ought to have a nice view of the Perseid Meteor Shower from out there on Monday night, Jagur.

No, rice has been proven to have no psychotropic properties (except maybe in the form of sake, and I’ve given that up). Especially genmai (brown rice), which I eat. I had assumed that jagur was vegan. If he wants steak, he’d be advised to bring his own, since BSE has been diagnosed in cattle here. I wouldn’t want to be held responsible for any sponginess in jagur’s brain.