wilder bracket + alien S1 post : the report

Hey all,

Just a quick word to tell how happy I am with the wilder bracket fitted
seat + adjustable angle post. It’s really a different riding. At NUC
when I tried briefly Kris’s uni I didnt notice such a big difference,
but whoa after 2 days of muni I do not regret my choice.

Huge difference (at least for me) on the uphill where I can rest on the
seat and continue pushing hard on the legs. Some problems on the downhill
: it’s getting too fast (!), since my weight center is now a bit behind. I
was concerned a bit with hopping since the handle is now titled, but it
works great also ! That was a week end of amazing riding !

The Alien S-1 alu post is holding pretty well (might not be easy to
correct the angle compared to the Thompson post, since the bolts are just
under the bracket, facing backward.

Kudos to the people involved in making the bracket and distributing it !


opaugamATaptilonDOTcom !