wii fit

Wii fit is a good tool to help you learn to keep your balance its so cool if haveing problems and have a wii try and get this game it helps.

My wife and I haven’t used a wii, or wii fit, but have looked at the wii fit videos at the Nintendo wii site. I was trying to encourage my wife to use this for exercise.

My wife’s reactions,
The exercise programs has strange looking characters, the voice and sound effects seemed annoying. The activity choices appeared limited.

From what we saw at the Nintendo site, I agree with my wife (not just because I’m well domesticated), but I suspect wii fit may be better than that. So I’m left curious what more users have to say about the exercise routines.

I bought one of these 5 months ago, and have to say that I think it’s great. (So great, in fact, I started a thread on it at the time)

I used it quite a bit in my training for Ride The Lobster as I found it gave a good workout to a lot of muscles that just riding alone didn’t do.

I’m not sure that it will do much to help unicyclists balance though - as unicyclists we have very good balance to start with, plus we have access to something that will gives more physical feedback than just a red dot on the tv. It is good, however, for monitoring and tracking your progress though.

Crashing, I appreciate your wifes thoughts, but have to say that these are not a problem for me. I do talk back to the screen a lot when I’m being nagged, but apart from that I think the ‘game’ works well. It would be nice if you could upload your own music to work out too though as the same tunes do get a bit repetitive.


I think I will get one for my next wife’s tryouts…looks like a pretty good way to get your heart rate up, to me…and I don’t even like to hula hoop.


I just heard of the Wii Fit program a few days ago.

As I’m not overly computer literate is there a way that someone would be able to develop the software that would put a unicycle learning program on Wii?

Not sure how you would simulate sitting on the uni and pedaling but you computer types might have some good ideas

As I understand it there is a tight rope program that you can do on Wii.

I’ve never really understood the appeal of exercising in front of a screen, much less paying hundreds of dollars for the privilege.

It seems too much like I’d be the hamster in its wheel, which is kind of creepy.

Because its fun. I think its worth it if me and some friends can hang out, play funny little games.

what is this world coming to, getting fit by playing video games. but yet, so cool

I enjoy picturing that.