Wii Fit for unicyclists

I don’t think this has been released in the US yet, but I assume that a lot of you have heard of the Wii Fit. As I bought one at the weekend, I thought I’d give my thoughts on it, and see if any other unicyclists have had any exposure to one.

Firstly, I’ll say that I love it, and think it’s great. Being a geek, I also think it’s a very clever, but very simple thing at the same time, so I’m often trying to look at the tasks from a software/hardware point of view. But, as I kind of expected, being a unicyclists, I have great balance, and an almost completely central Center of Gravity. A lot of the tasks/games on there require you to move your CoG in particular ways, which seem fairly easy to me. Is that because I unicycle? Or is the same for non-unicyclists? (Yeah, ok, so asking on a unicycle forum probably won’t answer that one!)

I’m working my way through all the yoga, aerobic and muscle building exercises, and think that it probably helps build up some of the muscles that unicycling doesn’t always get to, but strengthens the core muscles that should help unicycling.

My only disappointment is that there isn’t a ‘free range’ mode for either watching your CoG or logging it, as I’d like to see how things like juggling affect it.

Hmmm… just read that all back, and it’s a bit random and rambling, however, I’m too tired to go back and edit it in to more coherent paragraphs. I know what I’m trying to say though, so I hope that comes across to you too.


I think anyone who has done a lot of balance sports would find it easier.

If it gets too easy do the exersises on one of these

I’ll let you all know how easy useful it is when mine comes after it’s release. It seems like anyone who unicycles already has pretty good balance, but the thing I’m really curious about is the exercise where you have to put certain percentages of your weight on each foot and hold it.